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Executive Summary

     1.A World Class institute namely Indira Gandhi Centre for Advanced Research on Livestock (IGCARL) has been established at Pulivendula in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh, India as an autonomous institution under Public Private Partnership (PPP) with a Special Economic Zone (SEZ).  It has since been incorporated as a private limited company on 11-11-2008 under Companies Act, 1956

        The objectives include application of frontier and cutting-edge technologies like biotechnology, information technology and nanotechnology, establishment of state of the art analytical laboratory for testing of livestock products and making use of GIS for disease monitoring.

    3.The proposed programme of work involves 6 research groups on molecular and cytogenetics, reproduction and cryobiology, biotechnology and nanobiology, microbiology and immunology, animal nutrition, and quality control. Four centers, namely central instrumentation laboratory, bioinformatics & information technology centre, extension & training centre and library & information centre as well as BSL and ABSL laboratories will facilitate the work of the research groups.  The construction of the Research Block consisting of the 6 research groups and 4 centres was completed and inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 25-1-2009.  The other facilities have since been completed and the institute is now fullyfunctional.

    4.A Livestock complex with dairy unit; sheep, goat & piggery unit; poultry unit; laboratory animal unit; feed & fodder unit; embryo collection centre, veterinary hospital and quarantine facility has been established to facilitate the work of the research groups and also for demonstration to farmers.

    5.Scientific, para-technical, administrative and maintenance staff totaling 386 have been sanctioned.  Sri N. P. Ramakrishna Reddy, Special Secretary to Government was appointed as OSD to IGCARL on 31-8-2007. He retired on 30-6-2010.  Dr. L. Mohan, Director of Animal Husbandry has assumed charge as CEO of IGCARL on 9-5-2009.  He retired on 31-5-2010.  Consequent to his retirement, Dr. M. V. Reddy, Director of Animal Husbandry is acting as CEO of IGCARL.

    6.A budget of Rs 386 crores for 2007-2008 to 2009-2010 has been provided for the Research Center.  The State Government has released Rs 36.67 crore for 2000-08, Rs 75 crore for 2008-09 and Rs 75 crore for 2009-10 till December, 2009. The expenditure incurred up to December, 2009 is Rs 186.67 crore.

    7.It was proposed to establish the Research Centre with vaccine production and other units under public private partnership.  An EOI was called for and there was good response.  Agreements have been entered into with M/s IMAC (USA)-Dodla Dairy Consortium as Joint Venture partner, M/s Indus Gene Expressions (USA) as a private partner and M/s Elbit India Agricultural Ventures (EIAV) as a private partner.  As per the collaboration agreement between M/s IMAC (USA)-Dodla Dairy Consortium and IGCARL, a JV company namely Global  VetMed Concepts India Pvt. Ltd (GVC) was incorporated on 16-3-2009 under the Companies Act, 1956.  Discussions are going on with other partners and another global invitation for EOI will be issued shortly.

    8.It was proposed to get part of the land notified as special economic zone (SEZ) to get concessions for attracting Indian and foreign partners.  Gazette notification of Government of India was issued on 24-8-2009 for sector specific SEZ for biotech sector for an extent of 31.99 ha (79.01 acres) of IGCARL land with APIIC as the developer. 

9.The project is expected to find solutions to the field problems, ex-situ conservation of the dwarf breed of Punganur cattle, freezing of Ongole cattle embryos for export, development of vaccines and diagnostics for control of emerging diseases, better disease monitoring, surveillance & forecasting and training of field personnel and farmers.


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