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breed of buffalo, the pride of Haryana, is a milk type animal. The Murrah is the most important Indian breed of buffalo, and is the most efficient producer of milk, not only in the India but probably in the world. Bulls of this breed are used extensively for up-grading inferior stock. She-buffaloes are used in most of the important cities for the supply of milk and ghee.

  • Home:-

             The home tract of Murrah buffalo is Rohtak, Jind and Hisar districts of Haryana (India). It is also found in Nabha and Patiala districts of Punjab (India) and around Delhi.


Some of the important physical characteristics of Murrah are given below:-

    1. Body: Sound built, heavy and wedge shaped.

    2. Head: Comparatively small.

    3. Face: Comparatively long.

    4. Neck: Comparatively long.

    5. Body color: Jet-black.

    6. White markings on face and leg extremities may be there (2, 3), but are not generally preferred.

    7. Eyes: Should not be walled i.e. the cornea should not have whiteness.

    8. Tail: Long reaching up to fetlock joint (2, 3, and 6) with black or white switch up to (maximum) 8.0 inches (4).

    9. Horns: Different from other breeds of buffaloes; short, tight, turning backward and upward and finally spirally curving inward. The horns should be somewhat flattened. As the age advances the horns get loosened slightly but spiral curves increases.

    10. Limbs: Comparatively short but strong built.

    11. Skin: Soft, smooth with scanty hairs as compared to other buffaloes.

    12. Udder: Fully developed, drooping.

    13. Teats: Equally distributed over the udder but hind teats are longer than fore teats.

    14. Loin: Broader and sliding forward.

    15. Body weight: The average body weight of males, 1200 pounds (544.3 Kg) and the females, 1000 pounds (453.6 Kg.)

    16. Height: The average height at withers; male: 1.42 meter; female: 1.32 meter.

    17. Length: The length from point of shoulder to pin bone is 150.9 cm in males and 148.6 inches in females as an average for mature adult Murrah buffalo.

  • Production parameters

    1. Age at fist calving: 3 years but we have also the buffaloes, which calved at 3 years with good milk production.

    2. Inter-calving period: 400 to 500 days.

    3. Lactation period: 300 days. (With minimum of ~230 days recorded under top quality Murrah). (I.C.A.R, 1950)

    4. Daily lactation in peak period: 14 to 15 litters but up to 31.5 Kg milk production had also been recorded. The elite Murrah buffalo produces above 18-litter milk per day. A peak milk yield of 31.5 kg in a day has been recorded from a champion Murrah buffalo in the All India Milk Yield Competition conducted by the Government of India.

    5. Dry period: About three months. But less than three may be there.

    6. Gestation period: 310 days (average)

    7. Milking capacity: about 4000 pounds (1814 kg.) (I.C.A.R, 1950)

    8. Fat percentage: it has a fat percentage of about 7.5 as an average.


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