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Public Private Partnership (PPP) and
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          An extent of about 657 acres of land is available for development of the project on PPP mode. The main purpose of the research centre is to improve the animal health & productivity. There are six groups of research covering 20 subjects. Private Partner (P.P) may plan for production of vaccine and diagnostics for various diseases like Foot & Mouth Disease in all cloven footed animals, Peste des Petis Ruminants (PPR) in sheep and goats, Blue tongue in cattle and sheep, New Castle Disease, Infectious Bursal Disease, and Marek's Disease in poultry etc. which is a revenue earning source for the project besides helping the farmers. The P.P may also undertake freezing and export of Ongole cattle embryos which have great demand in Brazil and other countries.  Further, testing and certification of milk, meat and eggs and their products for pesticide and antibiotic residues and composition etc for export purpose may be undertaken.  Contract testing of drugs etc on laboratory animals may be undertaken.  Advanced training courses may also be offered at international level by making use of the state of the art laboratories and other facilities at the Centre.  Innovative research processes and their products at the Centre may be patented for earning revenue.  Superior germplasm of livestock produced at the centre can be sold to various agencies in India and abroad.

          The SEZ has been set up in IGCARL land at Pulivendula for the advantages it offers for the institute (Unit) and Developer as per the following relevant provisions of SEZ Act 2005 and SEZ Rules 2006:

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